A Software Professional like you would be delighted to learn that this new opportunity can be your
path to success. If you are looking for a step up into your professional life, this might just be the key.A choice to jump ahead in your company or even change job and get into a new bigger one with even greater opportunities is the best thing that NSOP can do for you.
The right way to find a superb position in an equally well-established Company is to enhance your skills remarkably in a small period of time. That is what NSOP helps out with. You do not even have to spend year around to learn and inculcate a skill. All you need to attain a learning is give a mere 3 months to the study. That will be all that is required to show you the way to reach a level up in your career.

But what really makes Python-Django the right choice when it comes to changing the path?

When you have stayed on a level of 40-50k salary with a PHP skill for the last 5-6 years, you would definitely want to change the direction of your programming. While that maybe your salary with 6 years of experience, a Python-Django developer would have the salary package of around 70-80k per month for the same amount of experience. Therefore, with this kind benefit as well as demand for skilled Python Developers, changing your current direction of career might just be the perfect choice for you.

If you have reached a decision, then you might want to question about the steps NSOP would take to ensure that you indeed reach the goal you aspire for.

NSOP is your regular Training Institute that consists of a team of IT professionals and experts from all phases of career life. With a vast knowledge of the Industry, these industrial Experts would be the perfect mentors for you. Additionally, there is no set time for you to take a class. You have the freedom to step into the NSOP office at any time between 11 a.m. and 9 p.m. with a laptop. You can choose a seat and just wait. An expert will be directed to you to guide you in beginning a course, follow through with your doubts, help you clear the difficult points and also aid you to complete the certification in Python-Django is a short duration. But do not fret, NSOP would not be coddling you in any way. After all you are a professional with all the basics of Database and Logical Reasoning in your hands. You would just need to browse through the new set of rules Python sets for you in programming as well as work through a series of practical examples to build up the skill level.
So, do not just waste away by staying in the same seat, at the same position and with a same salary benefit. Grab the chance to shift your career into a much desirable field in Industry where your talent can be better utilised while gaining you the career and salary benefits for life.

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Python Django Course Description

  • Keywords & Identifiers
  • Statements & Comments
  • Python Variables
  • Python Data types
  • Python Type Conversion
  • Python I/O and Import
  • Python Operators
  • Python Namespace
  • Python if…else
  • Python for Loop
  • while Loop
  • break and continue
  • Pass Statement
  • Looping Technique
  • File Operation
  • Python Directory
  • Python Exception
  • Exception Handling
  • User-defined Exception
  • Python OOP
  • Python Class
  • Python Inheritance
  • Multiple Inheritance
  • Operator Handling
  • Iterators
  • Generators
  • Closures
  • Decorators
  • Property
  • Desktop Application Building / GUI
  • Introduction to Numpy and Pandas

  • Django Setup
  • Django Project
  • Django Application
  • URL Mappings
  • Templates
  • Static Files

  • How To use SQLLite In Djnago
  • How To Migrate SQLLite to PG
  • Migration Script
  • Understanding ORM

Any One Project from the Below list
  • Develop Online Billing Application
  • Online Exmaination
  • CRM System
  • Google Map Integration

  • What is GIT and how to use it
  • Introduction to Django Deployment
  • Understanding CI
  • Deploying to Amazon Web Services ​ Version control System
  • Understanding on Git, GitLab, bitbucket and Github
  • Setting up GitLab, bitbucket and Github

About NSOP:

A spearhead in education, NSOP is among the top programming-based training providers in Noida. Every single advancement today demands a level of technical literacy that has not been seen in previous decades. Therefore, NSOP has pledged to encourage the youth of today to step forth into this competitive era and face the challenges with a gusto.
It’s no news that in comparison with the old methods of manual work, the newer methods involving the use of scientific and mechanized systems ensure a kind of individual development never encountered before.

Due to this, markets have been able to stay at par with the exponentially growing user demands. Here at NSOP, a professional set of minds have combined their knowledge and experiences to personalise the curriculum in order to provide deep insights to all learners. They would be able to dive into each level from beginners to professional ensuring that they are in the race and not left behind.

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