Boost Your Career with Selenium Automation Testing

Boost Your Career with Selenium Automation Testing

If you are a junior software tester (QA) or if you are an IT professional looking to shift into testing, then you are at the right place. NSOP offers a hand to all who wish to step up the career ladder and move forward towards a future in Software Testing. No matter if you are a developer or a junior tester, you are well familiar with the importance of testing. Without testing a software or a web application nothing can be verified as completed with no faults guarantee. Therefore, realising the necessity of testing and taking the decision to grow into it is definitely one of the best decisions for you.

Manual Testing has been going on for as long as the mechanisms were set up. Though methods over time have evolved, the manual feature remained quite distinctive. But with new technological advancements and rising demands of the world, the supply is required to meet the standards and timeline as well. But with every thing requiring testing and it being carried out manually, how can one expect the targets to be achieved. Therefore, enters Automation concept. While many things in every day lives are being automated for making things easier, why not the internal system of project testing. Therefore, the concept of Automation Testing became the big thing in IT Industry.

Now, shifting from manual testing to automation testing is not so easy. It requires a complete knowledge of automation concept as well as the required testing tools before you can step into the real-life projects. The basic skills required to be a software tester includes:

  1. Analytical Skills
  2. Communication Skills
  3. Time Management and Organization Skills
  4. Positive Attitude
  5. Technical Skills

Some of the important prerequisites for an Automation Software Tester’s Technical Knowledge include:

  1. Database/MySQL
  2. Linux Commands (basic)
  3. Hands-on skills of Automation Tool (Selenium)
  4. Scripting Language (at least one)
  5. Any other basic coding language skills

Why all the above requirements are necessitated, it also requires practice and hands-on experience without which companies are often skimping on towards experienced candidates. Best way to do that is get experience while learning. NSOP offers a customized course of Automation Testing using Selenium. This course will not only give you an in-depth knowledge about the Testing Industry and the ins and outs of the tools but also the practical experience on the real life like projects. A certification of Selenium can be your ticket into a great IT Company and on to a good position of responsibility as an Automation Test Engineer.

From the various online surveys, it is quite clear that average salary in US for an Automation Tester is starting from $80,807 while in India it is beginning from Rs. 465,163. Difference in salaries varies due to the positions and level of testing individuals. Few of the designations where jobs are available are:

  1. Quality Assurance Tester
  2. Software Tester
  3. Senior Quality Assurance/Test Automation Engineer
  4. Quality Assurance Engineer
  5. Test Engineer
  6. Automation Engineer

In India, none of the designations above have a salary initiation below $60k per year. With so many benefits available as well as number of posts empty, the race to become a professional is on. Once you enter into the Industry, it does not necessitate that your growth halts there. With time new tools and methodologies will arise and getting a grasp on the up coming ones can ensure that you keep on rising with your experience. But now is the time for Selenium and it is definitely the need of today. So, catch on to the most beneficial certification course of Selenium at NSOP right now and carry on the industrial growth one step at a time.

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