Python and Django

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But what really makes Python-Django the right choice when it comes to changing the path?

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Week 1 - Introduction & HTML

Day 1

  • Basics & Environment Setup
  • Web Lifecycle
  • Client & Server
  • HTML Primer
  • Javascript Basics
  • Live Programming Session

Week 1 - HTML & CSS

Day 2

  • CSS, Learn with Respect
  • Layout Building with HTML
  • Templates and Utilization
  • Bonus: Bootstrap framework
  • Versions of HTML
  • jQuery Primer
  • jQuery Libraries
  • Live Programming Session

Week 1 - Database Concepts

Day 3

  • Types of Databases
  • RDBMS vs Document DBs
  • Normalization
  • Stored Procedures
  • DML
  • Queries, Joins etc

Week 2 - Python Web Ecosystem

Day 1

  • Python Web Frameworks Into
  • Deep dive : Flask Framework
  • Intro to Bottle, Pyramid, Tornado
  • Python WSGI
  • Prepare the Environemnt
  • PEP8 (Revise)
  • Live Programming Session

Week 2 - Django Introduction

Day 2

  • What & Why
  • MVC or MTV?
  • Views
  • Templates
  • Models & Django ORM
  • Admin Interface
  • Django Security & CSRF
  • Live Programming Session

Week 2 - Django Basics

Day 3

  • Media & Static
  • Adv. Templates
  • Template Layout and Inheritance
  • URLs & URL Patterns
  • URL to views Mapping
  • Business Logic & Models
  • Live Programming Session

Week 3 - Forms & CRUD

Day 1

  • Form Concepts
  • Building CRUD App
  • Ordering and Filtering Data
  • Queries
  • Migrations & PItfalls
  • Performance & Security
  • Live Programming Session

Week 3 - Authentication

Day 2

  • Users & Groups
  • Authentication Views
  • Extending Django Auth
  • Building complete Application with
  • – custom login
  • -custom Registration
  • -Public & Protected Pages

Week 3 - Essentials

Day 3

  • Pagination
  • Class Based views
  • Sending Mails
  • Multiple Settings file/.ENV files
  • Django Sessions
  • Django Middleware concepts

Week 4 - Be a Professional

Day 1

  • Django Admin Customization
  • Django Error Handling & Logging
  • AJAX & Django
  • Cookies
  • Deployments & Pitfalls
  • Heroku, PythonAnywhere
  • Live Programming Session

Week 4 - REST APIs

Day 2

  • REST API Basics
  • API & Django
  • Serialization
  • Multi-Model Serialization
  • Django API without DRF
  • Live Programming Session

Day 3

  • JSON & XML
  • Understanding the Verbs
  • CRUD with APIs
  • Authentication And Authorization
  • Creating Clients to consume API
  • Live Programming Session

Week 4 - Modularity

Day 1

  • Methods and Functions
  • *args and **kwargs
  • Virtual Environments
  • PIP and
  • Live Programming Session
  • Q&A

Week 5 - Desktop UI

Day 1

  • GUI Libraries
  • Bonus Mobile Games Intro
  • Building and Deploying Apps
  • Compiling python to EXE
  • Live Programming Session
  • Q&A

Week 5 - Threading & Data Scrapping

Day 2

  • Threading
  • Network Programming
  • Pitfalls
  • Data Scraping Basics
  • Scrapy and BS4
  • Live Programming Session
  • Q&A

Week 5 - Advanced Tools

Day 3

  • IPython Notebook
  • Process Demonization
  • Database Handling
  • Pandas & Numpy
  • Handling Large Datasets
  • Image Handling
  • Live Programming Session

Week 6 - Advanced Topics

Day 1

  • PEP8
  • Generators & Iterators
  • Big Picture of Big Data
  • Regular Expressions
  • Database Handling (SQLLite)
  • DatabaseHandline (MySQL)
  • Python Decorators

Week 6 - Tests & Revisions

Day 2 & Day 3

  • Exceptions
  • Debugging is your friend
  • Error logging
  • Live Programming session on Numbers
  • Live Programming Session
  • Q&A
  • How Can I Enroll For The Training?
    To enrol please fill the contact us form or call us via phone. Our team will get in touch with you and you will be called for an interview / small test will be conducted so that we can analyse your capacity for the course as we cannot enrol you for an advance courses if you can’t understand the basic.
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    Right now we offer only class room training program. Please fill this form as soon as online training is available we will contact you.
  • What If I Don’t Like The Course?
    Our developers will be closely aligned with you for your training. If you still don’t like the training, we will refund the complete fees at any time during the course.
  • Can I Pay The Fees In Parts?
    Yes you can make the payment of the fees in max two parts. We recommend complete payment as there is an extra cost of 300 INR for part payment.

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