Python & Django Full Stack

Full Stack Development with Python-Django

Web Development is a very in-demand service these days what with coming up of new businesses online. This has made the IT Service Providers focus intensely on Web Developer Professionals. But when it comes to Web Development, there are two sides of this: Front-end (Client-Side Software and Scripting) and Back-end (Server-Side Software and Scripting). What we are focussing here is Full Stack Web Development that includes both Front-end as well as Back-end development. To be a Full Stack Web Developer, the individual is required to be have a profound knowledge of 3-tier model:
  • 1. User Interface (front-end Presentation layer)
  • 2. Data Validation (back-end Business Logic layer)
  • 3. Data Storage (Database layer)
It’s the client (front) and server (back) software that the developer is required to understand both of which contains a huge list of technologies and languages all of which are not required to be mastered. A certain combination of technologies together is enough for you to be called a Full Stack Developer. A Full Stack Developer needs to study the following parts in the course.

Front-End Development

The side of the website that is accessible to users for the use is called Front-end. It includes whatever that is visible and interactable. The script or code written for the client (browser) for user is called Client-Side Script. The technologies involved in Front-End Development are:
  • a. Designing

    • 1. HTML: Whatever you see is arranged and visible with the help of HTML. The latest version available for it is HTML5 while the older versions are still popularly in use.
    • 2. CSS: How the content on the webpage will be visible in terms of colours, fonts, sizes, styles and so on is done with the help of CSS. It supports HTML in structuring of page elements.
  • b. Scripting

    • 1. JavaScript: In what way does the content on web page interacts with users is decided by JavaScript. It is the scripting language that brings interactive elements along with animations and working features.
    • 2. Jquery:

Back-End Development

The side of the website connected to Server enabling all the working that goes behind the front-end is called Back-End. The code written here is an important part that gives carries content to client side for visibility as well as connects various Internet sources for extraction and exposure. This is called Server-Side Script. The technology that NSOP focuses for learning is: Django: A high-level Web Framework of Python, Django is best for a quick and clean development process. Much of the hassle involved in web development can be swept away with Django ensuring that your complete focus stays on writing the working of application with existing base modules. Some of the benefits of Django are:
  • 1. It is open source and absolutely free.
  • 2. It is super-fast enabling the completion of project in shorter duration.
  • 3. It is exceedingly secure and allows to avoid lapses insecurity.
  • 4. It has capability to scale flexibly and therefore big sites with huge load are perfectly safe to work.

Database Concepts

Through the technology like MySQL, it will be greatly beneficial for you to understand and learn the workings of Relational Databases as well as the necessary connections to back-end with secure implementations and database integrations.

Debugging & Deployment

Through technologies like GIT, it is quite possible to get a grasp on Version Control and debugging methods while configuring server and host applications. It includes quick and easy troubleshooting of development issues. Advantages of being a Full Stack Developer
  • 1. It is extremely easy to master technologies involved within a certain project.
  • 2. Prototypes are quick and easy to model.
  • 3. All team members can be helped through your technical diversity.
  • 4. Cost of Project can be reduced.
  • 5. Time taken for Team Communications can be reduced.
  • 6. Whatever the project status calls for, switching work between the both front and back ends will be easy.
  • 7. It will be easier for you to understand all the upcoming latest technologies.
All these advantages ensure that your success as a Full Stack Developer in industry is guaranteed. Since jobs for you are in demand, this course can be your guide to success.

Week 1 - Introduction & HTML

Day 1

  • Basics & Environment Setup
  • Web Lifecycle
  • Client & Server
  • HTML Primer
  • Javascript Basics
  • Live Programming Session

Week 1 - HTML & CSS

Day 2

  • CSS, Learn with Respect
  • Layout Building with HTML
  • Templates and Utilization
  • Bonus: Bootstrap framework
  • Versions of HTML
  • jQuery Primer
  • jQuery Libraries
  • Live Programming Session

Week 1 - Responsive & Bootstrap

Day 3

  • Types of Databases
  • RDBMS vs Document DBs
  • Normalization
  • Stored Procedures
  • DML
  • Queries, Joins etc

Week 2 - Database Concepts

Day 3

  • Types of Databases
  • RDBMS vs Document DBs
  • Normalization
  • Stored Procedures
  • DML
  • Queries, Joins etc

Week 2 - Pure Javascript

Day 1

  • Python Web Frameworks Into
  • Deep dive : Flask Framework
  • Intro to Bottle, Pyramid, Tornado
  • Python WSGI
  • Prepare the Environemnt
  • PEP8 (Revise)
  • Live Programming Session

Week 2 - Jquery

Day 2

  • What & Why
  • MVC or MTV?
  • Views
  • Templates
  • Models & Django ORM
  • Admin Interface
  • Django Security & CSRF
  • Live Programming Session

Week 3 - NodeJS (Backend)

Day 1

  • Form Concepts
  • Building CRUD App
  • Ordering and Filtering Data
  • Queries
  • Migrations & PItfalls
  • Performance & Security
  • Live Programming Session

Week 3 - Angular

Day 2

  • Users & Groups
  • Authentication Views
  • Extending Django Auth
  • Building complete Application with
  • – custom login
  • -custom Registration
  • -Public & Protected Pages

Week 3 - Essentials

Day 3

  • Pagination
  • Class Based views
  • Sending Mails
  • Multiple Settings file/.ENV files
  • Django Sessions
  • Django Middleware concepts

Week 4 - Be a Professional

Day 1

  • Django Admin Customization
  • Django Error Handling & Logging
  • AJAX & Django
  • Cookies
  • Deployments & Pitfalls
  • Heroku, PythonAnywhere
  • Live Programming Session

Week 4 - REST APIs

Day 2

  • REST API Basics
  • API & Django
  • Serialization
  • Multi-Model Serialization
  • Django API without DRF
  • Live Programming Session

Day 3

  • JSON & XML
  • Understanding the Verbs
  • CRUD with APIs
  • Authentication And Authorization
  • Creating Clients to consume API
  • Live Programming Session

Week 4 - Modularity

Day 1

  • Methods and Functions
  • *args and **kwargs
  • Virtual Environments
  • PIP and
  • Live Programming Session
  • Q&A

Week 5 - Desktop UI

Day 1

  • GUI Libraries
  • Bonus Mobile Games Intro
  • Building and Deploying Apps
  • Compiling python to EXE
  • Live Programming Session
  • Q&A

Week 5 - Threading & Data Scrapping

Day 2

  • Threading
  • Network Programming
  • Pitfalls
  • Data Scraping Basics
  • Scrapy and BS4
  • Live Programming Session
  • Q&A

Week 5 - Advanced Tools

Day 3

  • IPython Notebook
  • Process Demonization
  • Database Handling
  • Pandas & Numpy
  • Handling Large Datasets
  • Image Handling
  • Live Programming Session

Week 6 - Advanced Topics

Day 1

  • PEP8
  • Generators & Iterators
  • Big Picture of Big Data
  • Regular Expressions
  • Database Handling (SQLLite)
  • DatabaseHandline (MySQL)
  • Python Decorators

Week 6 - Tests & Revisions

Day 2 & Day 3

  • Exceptions
  • Debugging is your friend
  • Error logging
  • Live Programming session on Numbers
  • Live Programming Session
  • Q&A
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