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Testing and Automation using Selenium

With coming times, the new software applications being developed are often seen hosted as web applications on web browsers. Being exposed to the Internet and therefore the entire world requires that you test your application before hosting worldwide. Companies and organisations are using Agile Methodology these days with the coming of highly interactive and responsive era. Therefore, a focus on Test Automation is rising as the way to test software projects.

When tests are run on repeat using a software tool against a software application it is termed as Test Automation. With its benefit of repeatability of tests as well as the speed and efficiency it depicts, makes it one of the most widely considered process. There are many open source software tools available in the market that carry out deployment of test automation.Selenium is one such widely used open source software. But the question stands as to why Selenium.

Understanding Selenium

It is an open source software testing tool which can carry out efficient automation testing on various browsers. In fact, this software focuses on automating the tests on web-based applications only. Within the Selenium Suite, there are four tools residing that provide different solutions for differing needs of the organization.

1. Selenium RC

Selenium Remote Control (RC) is a framework of Selenium that allows for remote testing procedure to be carried out. Here ‘remote’ refers to the Software Testing Tool and Web Application to be testing not being on the same domain. It allows cross browser and cross platform functioning. It can also support many programming languages that a developer may prefer. It is comparatively faster than IDE.

2. Selenium IDE

Selenium Integrated Development Environment (IDE) is a framework of Selenium which is very easy to learn. To use it you only require Firefox Browser where you can install it as a plugin. But due to its simplistic nature small tests can be carried out but advanced tests require the inclusion of Selenium RC or WebDriver. Therefore, IDE is widely used as a prototyping software tool.

3. Selenium Grid

Selenium Grid provides capability of carrying out multiple tests across multiple platforms and multiple browsers at the same time. This can work when combined with Selenium RC. It therefore is best for short duration multiple executions.

4. Selenium WebDriver

WebDriver is a framework that follows a more modern approach when it comes to Web browser automation. It is definitely better than RC and IDE when it comes to automation testing. While in Selenium RC, web browsers understand the commands through the JavaScript code, Selenium WebDriver does not need it and can communicate with browsers directly.
Selenium 1 and 2 are the versions generated from combinations of WebDriver.

Selenium as the Next Best Thing

NSOP has a clearly drafted curriculum for aspirants looking to dive into Automation Testing. With the demand for testers across the IT Industry, exponential rise of job opportunities has taken a stand. But with not many individuals aware of the benefits of being a Quality Assurance Specialist, the demands are not met. NSOP is here to change the trend.

A bulk of industries and IT companies are finding their clients are shifting to web applications. Therefore, without a doubt, the change in Testing tools would be necessitated. Since, Selenium is a specialist when it comes to testing on Web-based Applications, the software tool is the need of the hour. After all, who wants to run a web app without a confirmed go ahead from a software testing professional and face losses.

Hence, IT companies are looking for individuals who have a sound knowledge and practice in Selenium tool. It could be freshers or an IT professional who just shifted the line. No matter the case, the demands have given a rise to the supply. NSOP’s team of IT experts in all fields including QA and Testing, ensures that every aspirant is industry ready in a short time along with practical exposure to industrial setting and real-life situations.

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