Why Python and Django after completion of your degree

In this world of outstanding students, with many belongings to the same education domain (degree of choice), competition has risen exponentially in such a short time. With a huge number of aspirants with the same set of knowledge and skills (albeit of different levels), the race towards the industries is ON. But what becomes a major roadblock is the amount of jobs in the market. The limitation of seats within an industry has led to raise of the bar in order to select only the highlighting set of skilled individuals. Therefore, its mandatory that every individual has some special set of skills that catches the eye of the recruiters as well as prove the worth of selection for consideration.

The question that arise here is, ‘What are those skills honing which can prove fruitful in recruitments?’

The answer to this stems from a particular IT company’s speciality and preference. What a company works on, what is its expertise and what is the demand, are some of the important factors into realising the set of skills to harbour. So, foremost understanding your expertise and the expertise of the company you are aiming for is necessary. The most common preference nowadays is the need for Automation. With this, a lot of upcoming technology is playing a role as well as making lives easier all around us. Along with this comes a demand for increase in rate of productions as well as supply rate. This, in turn, needs a high-level programming language along with a special set of machinery. Python is exactly what you need and NSOP is here to see to that.

Reasons Python would be the best choice to go for!

1. Quick and Easy Learn

Whatever base you have through your degree in IT course, will not be hampering in learning Python as this is one of the easily inculcated courses. Without putting a lot of effort, beginners can grasp the concept with ease. The best thing is that you need not invest years in it but a few months would do just fine. At the end you would be ready to start building your own applications making you a preference in industry.

2. Application and Web Development

Applications and Websites might have a base of PHP according to your knowledge through your degree course but when you step into Python you would forget PHP ever existed. Python gives result in a few minutes instead of hours as in PHP. Its code is much more elegantly written and understood. Its framework Django is perfect for all types of applications that can be built without a sweat. With the decrease in possible mistakes, the speed of coding and implementation increases.

3. Agile Design

Python does not ask you to build something whole and if it is incorrect then start from beginning or start debugging. Instead it tells you to build a minimum code that is implementable and get it verified by customer. Then start adding small features and every review must be self- implementable. This way an Agile Design is formed which is much more profitable in terms of user satisfaction and reviews for nay company.

4. High Salary

Depending upon the job profile the salary bracket of Python Developers varies in India.

  • Software Developer: 4-5 Lakh
  • Sr. Software Developer: 5-6 Lakh
  • DevOps Engineer: 6-7 Lakh
  • Data Scientist: 8-9 Lakh

This has not only caused awareness among the Indian Education market but also in IT Industry about the rising demand and preferences.

Security Measure

When you think about the security of your applications and websites, the first thing you need to understand is the scripting language of the development code. This is to ensure that any vulnerabilities in scripts can be found as well as to ensure that extra secure codes can be inserted. Also, in built security is provided by Python that includes a smaller number of error possibilities as well as lesser loopholes


The best thing about learning Python is to expand your scope. Even if you are majoring in another domain, this is something that can be shown as an added speciality in resume. Its demand in industry is a plus and ease of learning is definitely bonus.

Therefore, it is not a question of why you should go for Python after Degree Completion but a question of why you should not. And let me tell you, you won’t have the answers to the cons of it. NSOP is here to give you that step up you so desperately need even if you have not realised yet. Let team of NSOP guide you into it as the best thing to happen when you are ready to step into an IT Company.

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